"Our biggest problem was guests finding bugs and the implications that came with it such as the threat of negative social media reviews and financial repercussions. The Delta Five traps provide us the opportunity to find pests before the guest does, and by drastically reducing the chances of a guest-pest encounter, it solved one of our biggest problems." - General Manager of a Casino Hotel   "There wasn’t much of a solution [for bed bugs] before this… but now when talking to a guest who might be worried about pests, I feel comfortable telling them about this solution because it’s so innovative." - General Manager of IHG hotel, Tennessee   "My experience with Delta Five has been great, it gives us peace of mind because we are able to find all kinds of bugs before the guest does." - General Manager of Hampton Inn and Suites, North Carolina    "If there is an issue reported and I have a Delta Five device in [the room], there’s a feeling of security." - General Manager of IHG hotel, Tennessee   "Knowing these Delta Five devices are in our hotel rooms gives me a lot more peace of mind because I can offer a hotel room with a high level of confidence that there is not a bed bug in there." – President of Hotel Management Company and Franchise Partner   "There was a time when we were only being reactionary because we had guest reports of pests on a weekly basis. Now, having the Delta Five device allows us to be proactive and that’s efficiency in itself. Now, we take can take care of the problem before the guest finds them." – General Manager of a Casino Hotel   "It used to be that if there was a bed bug it caused a nuclear reaction where we had to treat the room and a lot of those around it, which could cost up to 4 or 5 thousand dollars. However, now with the Delta Five device, we have more details [about the pest] and having that knowledge allows us to be more confident and targeted in our treatment approach." –President of Hotel Management Company and Franchise Partner   "If we have a problem, it’s dealt with very quickly and very efficiently by the Delta Five team." – General Manager of a Casino Hotel   "The responsiveness and level of service we have received from Delta Five Systems has been great. The dashboard is user-friendly and easy, which allows us to navigate it and collect historical data about the problems in each room. It is really well done." – General Manager of Hampton Inn and Suites, North Carolina


Delta Five is innovating hospitality, as well as property- and pest-management, with automated technologies that enhance guest/resident satisfaction, while boosting business profits and reputation.

We strive to improve five key areas: guest/resident experience, cleanliness, performance, materials handling and service. Our goal is to ensure success through the development of innovative, automated solutions.



Our devices provide early detection of pests including insects, rodents, vermin, and reptiles.


By catching pests early, and knowing when and where they are found, treatments can be implemented before an infestation occurs.


Our device quickly pays for itself:

  • Bed Bugs: Save $77 – $115 per bed annually
  • Stored Product Insects: Save $1,825 a year per trap
  • Vertebrates: Save $7,300 dollars a year per trap


Chambers close when our device sends an alert to the authorized personnel (owner, managers, housekeeping, engineering, and pest control).


  • Catch pests before they are noticed
  • Place in hidden areas


Our device is a compact system that autonomously detects and captures pests. This device will alert users of detected pests via an email and/or text message. The dashboard shows users the status of and images from multiple devices.


Ease of placement and concealment


WiFi enables immediate notification


Control the settings of your devices


Dispense for custom endurance, dosage and intervals


Real time images of detected and captured invaders


Bed Bugs

  • Events have steadily increased in recent years
  • Adapted and become immune to pesticides
  • Can live for months without food
  • Can survive climatic extremes
  • Females can lay multiple eggs per day

Stored Product Insects

  • Reduce grain weight, nutritional value, and germination of stored grain
  • Reduces product quality
  • Quality could be unsafe for human and animal consumption


  • Serious damage to your house and/or building
  • Damages to electrical wiring and insulation
  • Can carry rabies, fleas, and ticks into your house which would harm your pets
  • Noisy nights of rustling in the crawlspace and attic


Bed Bugs

  • Guest complaints
    • Compensation
    • Treatment of possessions
    • Litigation risk
    • Uncertainty of bug identity
    • Expensive
  • Canines
    • Unable to monitor 24/7
    • Typically 44% detection rate
    • Expensive
    • Labor intensive
  • Pest Professionals
    • Unable to monitor 24/7
    • Typically 30% detection rate
    • Expensive
    • Labor intensive

Stored Product Insects

  • Glue or pitfall traps
    • Labor intensive
  • Visual inspection for webbing, frass, cast skins, larvae, pupae on or around food products
    • Not 24/7
    • Low correlation between inspection and detection
    • labor intensive
  • Pheromone-monitoring systems that require manual inspections
    • Expensive
    • Labor intensive
  • Pest Professionals
    • Not 24/7
    • Low correlation between inspection and detection
    • Labor intensive


  • Openings in your house or building
    • Labor intensive
  • Critter Professionals
    • Not 24/7
    • Expensive due to the regulation of having to check each trap once a day
    • Low correlation between inspection and detection
    • Labor intensive


Bed Bugs

  • Place in all rooms of a house, hotel, or apartment and track the status of each device with ease
  • 24/7 detection
  • Automate lure dispensing

Stored Product Insects

  • Have multiple traps throughout the warehouse and be able to track status via the dashboard
  • 24/7 detection
  • Change lure to attract different pests


  • Save time and money by not having to travel miles to visit each trap every day
  • Real time photos of what is current occurring in and around the trap
  • Instant alerts to your phone and email
  • History of images from previous jobs for proof of capture




~30% will seek to climb, ~40% will seek a corner or crevice, and ~30% will brave an open floor. Most bed bugs will follow an edge to the head of a bed.


Bed bugs must generally be within 1 meter (39 inches) to perceive lures, be they aggregative pheromones from other bed bugs, heat or human breath and scents.


Intractable, tacky, and sticky surfaces often hinder passage of bed bugs.


The best known lures are comprised of small crevice-like spaces, warmth, naturally-occurring scents from harborages, and blood meal sources.


Bed bug infestations are found between the mattress and the wall or headboard 96% of the time.


Immediately upon detecting a pest, your device will alert you in real-time via email, text and the Delta Five Dashboard.

Your alert provides you with an image of the detected pest, as well as where and when the pest was detected.

Your alert can also be set to coincide with the device closing the door of the pest-occupied chamber, entrapping the detected pest for convenient removal.